Links to my non-AFM coaching articles

I’ve written two articles for X & O Labs.  The first article was on our one-back power and was posted on January 16, 2012.

Baldwin-Wallace One Back Power Concept

My second article for X & O Labs was on a concept I learned from Dub Maddox at Jenks High School.  Special thanks to Dub.  I had not expected this article to be published on X&O Labs.  This article was posted on May 6, 2012.

Stretching the Boundary with the “Slash” Concept

I had a guest post for Chris Brown on Smart Football on a wrap around draw play that I’ve used my entire coaching career.  The post includes instructional video for the running back and quarterback mechanics of the play as well as cut-ups of the play dating back to the late seventies when my dad was running it as a high school coach.

Fullback Draw:  A Constraint Play for the Sprint-Out Pass

I have been quoted in a few articles as well.  Mike Kuchar quoted me on X&O Labs on my tailback coaching points for the outside zone play.  It was an honor to be mentioned with Pat Reul, Herb Hand and Stan Zweifel.

Blocking the Outside Zone

Chris Brown quoted me on ESPN’s Grantland in an article about packaged plays. I have a follow-up article on Smart Football coming in February 2013.

The Total Package- How modern offenses are rethinking the most fundamental elements of football


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