My video series with American Football Monthly

I have a series of DVD’s available from American Football Monthly. I put as much detail as we could pack into each hour long presentation. Each video contains game film cut-ups to illustrate the application of each concept being presented.

I don’t typically refer to myself in third person; the details written below of each video are from AFM’s website. Each link will take you to AFM’s page where a short preview of each video is available.

Simplifying Complex Offensive Schemes – Flexible Formations. Coach Keith Grabowski Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach Baldwin Wallace College, OH details how they simplified their complex offensive scheme. Reducing the number of formation calls by adding tags and surfaces. Coach Grabowski presents examples and explains how this philosophy has improved performance of every aspect of their offense.

In this DVD, you will learn from Coach Grabowski:
* Details on the BW offense
* Alignment Tags
* Formation Tags
* Motion Examples
* Base Personnel and Substitutions
* Details on Implementing The Flexible Formation System

This DVD includes 129 power point slides with diagrams and examples

2011- 53 minutes

Using A Wildcat Quarterback to Create Advantages. This DVD, the second of a five-set package, details Baldwin-Wallace’s approach in incorporating a wildcat quarterback into their offensive structure without changing the offense. OC and QBs coach Keith Grabowski explains how this dynamic enhances the B-W offense and how it can be implemented into any offense.

In this DVD, you will learn from Coach Grabowski:
• How the ‘wildcat’ is added within the B-W offense without affecting base plays and formations.
• How misdirection is achieved when the quarterback as a runner is added to the offense.
• How the extra ‘hat’ is used to separate the defense with misdirection.
• What are the skills needed to play this position.
• How it gives you, as a coach, the opportunity to play more people.

53 mins

Inside Zone Variations. This DVD details the Baldwin-Wallace inside zone running game with both multiple formations and personnel groups. The third video of a five-set package, OC and QBs coach Keith Grabowski outlines the multiple formation zone running game. This concept allows the B-W players to play aggressively because the rules are the same for the line in multiple variations of plays.

In this DVD, you will learn from Coach Grabowski:

• The fundamentals of inside zone play.
• Why zone play is effective vs. any defense.
• How to be successful with double team combo blocks.
• Gap responsibility, landmarks, and reads.
• The tailback’s six-second rule.

Combining Zone Schemes With Gap Schemes. DVD illustrates how Baldwin-Wallace creates a synergy between their zone schemes and their gap schemes. OC and QBs Coach Keith Grabowski teaches techniques that carry over from zone to power, allowing B-W to have a multiple running game attack with few adjustments.

In this DVD, you will learn from Coach Grabowski:

• Why B-W runs effective gap schemes and the simplicity of combining zone schemes with it.
• How both power and zone concepts are tied in together.
• Why this concept allows B-W to be both aggressive and physical.
• Why B-W is able to emphasize the execution ob both fundamentals and techniques.
• How flexible schemes and multiple formations adjusts to any defense.

Keys to Quarterback and Wide Receiver Play in A Multiple 4-Vertical Package. What are the elements necessary to be successful with a four-vertical package? In this DVD, the fifth of a five-set package, Baldwin-Wallace OC and QBs coach Keith Grabowski details the complete installation of this package. Drills and techniques are included for both quarterbacks and wide receivers. This video also shows how simple tags can be used to create a multiple passing attack from a single concept.

In this DVD, you will learn from Coach Grabowski:

• How the presence of 4 receivers creates both a horizontal and vertical stretch of the defense.
• The keys to be successful in this package for both your quarterback and wide receivers.
• How to grade the performance of QBs and WRs in practicing the 4-vertical package.
• Decision drills for your quarterback.
• How to improve both accuracy and release for your quarterback and the importance of landmarks for your receivers.

Using Personnel to Enhance Your Offense. Last summer, Baldwin-Wallace Offensive Coordinator Keith Grabowski completed a six-part series of DVDs on ‘Simplifying Complex Offensive Schemes,’ available at Coach Grabowski recently finished a new two-set series of videos on ‘Using Personnel Groupings to Enhance Your Offense” and ‘Attacking the Perimeter with the Pin and Pull Sweep.’

In this first DVD, you will learn from Coach Grabowski:

· How to use personnel groupings to add to your offense.
· How to get more players involved in your offense.
· Detailed summary of Baldwin-Wallace’s offense – personnel, procedures, and formations.
· Specific plays for a one-back and two-back offense.
· How to create match-up problems for a defense.
· Keys to being a multiple offense – maximizing your players skill set, being able to easily teach formations, and understanding substitution procedures.
· Understanding the concept of putting players in a position to perform their best.
· Understanding that play concepts – such as the jet sweep and wildcat plays – must apply across both formations and personnel.
· Using a successful substitution system so favorable match-ups are created and as many players as possible are involved in your offense.
· Specific words used for personnel substitutions.
· Tight end substitutions with different designations.
· The benefits of personnel groupings – creating more team morale by finding opportunities for players to have a specific role in the offense.
· The concept of shared responsibility and ownership.

Attacking the Perimeter with Pin and Pull Sweep. In this DVD, you will learn from Coach Grabowski:

· The complete B-W sweep series package.
· Easy ways – in any offense – to get the ball to the perimeter.
· How to attack an odd-front with this package.
· The objective of attacking the 7 technique player.
· The importance of the kick-out puller in this package.
· Pulling responsibilities based on inside and outside shades.
· The critical nature of the down block in attacking the play side.
· The importance of cutting off the backside.
· Drive blocking responsibilities of the wide receivers.
· B-W’s ‘taxi’ – a hand off or short toss that cuts off the backside.
· B-W’s ‘truck’ with variations of the sweep package.
· Importance of patience for your running back as he works to the outside and cuts back to the perimeter.
· Implementing this package in any offense and using it to protect your power play.
· Understanding the concept of ‘covered’ and ‘uncovered’ for all linemen.
· How to be creative with this package with use of a QB or WR.


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