Sweep Action to Enhance Inside Running Game

It’s up on American Football Monthly:

The jet sweep and other types of receiver sweeps are nothing new to offenses. They have been around for years and fit into many different offensive systems. The focus in offensive football lately has mostly been on using the jet sweep with a running quarterback. This certainly is a great mode for operating an offense, but the reality is that some coaches just are not comfortable running their passer or the passer does not have the ability to be an effective inside runner. This post will focus on using sweep motion with the running back or tailback still being the primary runner on the inside runs and the complementary play-action that goes along with it.

The key component for this is finding a sweeper who can present a legitimate threat on the perimeter. The player we use to accomplish this task was a running back in high school that had the speed and hands to become a slot receiver for us. At the high school level, the players typically used in my offense were second or third team running backs that also had legitimate skills as a receiver.

Whoever fulfills this role must be able to get the ball on the perimeter with speed, yet have the vision and patience necessary to let his blocks develop and find the running lanes voided by a defense that now must handle threats inside and on the perimeter.

The jet or fly sweep – sweep fake first followed by inside running game footwork.

Depending at where you are in the country, the motion used is called jet or fly motion. The idea is that the sweeper is at full speed by the time the ball is snapped, and the quarterback, who is responsible for the timing, snaps it exactly at the right time so the mesh occurs immediately after he receives the snap. Under center is easier to calibrate with the quarterback snapping the ball when the sweeper is at the leg of the tackle. The quarterback is then taught to open to the sweeper, give or fake, and execute the remaining footwork of the inside run behind the sweep….read the entire article and watch video cut-ups here.


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