Carry out your fakes!

This Power Point illustrates the importance of carrying out a fake at full speed. This also shows what I believe to be a great teaching tool. I think video is great for teaching, but giving players frame-by-frame still shots with coaching points can really drive the point home. Typical playbook set-up for me includes a diagram (X’s and O’s), progresses to still shots with coaching points, and then is followed up with the video cut-up which the stills were taken from. While some editing systems allow you to highlight, use arrows and text, Power Point still seems to be a more flexible tool.

The play illustrated is an inside zone dive to a fullback. I learned this play from Russ Jacques at Strongsville High School in 2004. Russ taught it with an option fake after the hand-off, but since we didn’t run option and stretch became our base play, we worked out the timing to add a stretch mesh after the quarterback handed the ball to the fullback on a dive. You will see why it was a very effective play and great complement to the two-back stretch in the illustration.

Download the presentation here:

IZ Stretch Fake


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