Distort and Displace with Double Teams

On American Football Monthly: The bedrock principle of our running game is to attack with a downhill running game that focuses on level 1 movement and displacement. Fundamental to that is the combination block. A good combination block essentially guarantees a positive yardage play that will keep the offense on schedule. Staying on schedule is critical to moving the chains toward the end zone on a way to a score.
We are always looking for efficiencies in our teaching and coaching. When we can work a drill that has multiple applications in our offense across different concepts, we are maximizing our practice time. We rely on both gap schemes and zone schemes to run the ball effectively. The way we teach the combination block is the same for both of these schemes. When we work a drill for the “B-block” in the zone scheme, we are also getting work for the “Deuce Block” in our gap scheme.
The principle that makes the combination the same in both run concepts is in each the offensive line is going in one direction. On zone plays everyone is responsible for their playside gap. In the gap scheme plays everyone is responsible for their backside gap with two people kicking out. Gap responsibility is the overriding rule for both of these schemes…more here


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