Knute Rockne and the No Huddle Offense

I’ve been able to obtain a copy of Knute Rockne’s book which was published in 1925. I’ve been reading through different sections. I found out that the huddle on offense was just in its infancy. Up to that point, no huddle was the standard way to operate on offense. Primarily this consisted of the quarterback barking out a series of numbers like, “24, 42, 36, 15.” Each team had a certain method of how these numbers were decoded by the other players on offense which included methods like addition of the numbers or using certain digits of each number in the series. It seems that defenses at the time were always trying to steal the offenses signals to gain an advantage. Some things haven’t changed! While the game has come full circle with offenses going back to being a no huddle in their operation, certainly the methods of signaling have changed with picture boards, multiple signalers and one word calls. However, one paragraph in Rockne’s book still rings true: no matter what method is used it should be simple enough for the offense, but still be able to disguise intentions from the offense.

Rockne’s paragraph is in this picture.



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