Tweets about 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays

Here’s some feedback from twitter:

@ChrisStew17: @CoachKGrabowski bought your book and love it! Thanks for putting in the time to make that!

@tjespeland: @CoachKGrabowski Got your iPad book…AWESOME! Looking forward to future titles! Tell @QbSlacker12 “HI”. Hope to meet/talk soon!

@txcoach66: @CoachKGrabowski – I really liked the format of the book and the content. I couldn’t stop reading or watching film soon as I opened it

@CoachHyatt: @CoachKGrabowski Got your I-Book. What an awesome resource. Whether your a Pistol team or not, this is a tool has something for everyone.

@Squat_Rack_Hero: @CoachKGrabowski I’m a IZ/OZ guy but the chapters over Power/Counter were awesome

@knott_e2: @CoachKGrabowski it is a fantastic book. It is an outstanding resource that we use on a daily basis.

@coachvint: @CoachKGrabowski has a great book on his pro style pistol concepts available for the ipad. Check it out..

@coachvint: @CoachKGrabowski Enjoyed checking your book out today. Amazing how far we have come technologically! Good stuff!

@txcoach66: @CoachKGrabowski -really like it-finished it this morning. Would like to know how you communicate without a huddle.

@mcannon65: @CoachKGrabowski Got the book this week, and head coach got it too. Lots of excitement building from this as we approach spring ball.

@GHS_CoachMatt: One chapter into @CoachKGrabowski book. Thus far, I am highly impressed. Great stuff.

@OptionFootball: @CoachKGrabowski Bought 101 Pro Style Pistol Plays recently. Awesome. Review on coming soon.

@Aztec7373: @CoachKGrabowski bought your iBook last night. Love how you added the reverse out to sell play action. Love the videos & interactive plays!

@amakelky: @CoachKGrabowski great book coach. It really showcases the iBook format. Do you guys do any zone read w/pistol?

@Raiderdan56: @CoachKGrabowski just purchased your e-book 101 pro style pistol offense plays. So unique one of a kind book, Love it. Keep em coming coach.

@CoachBDud: @CoachKGrabowski 2 chapters in, love it so far. I’m not a pistol person but definitely seeing things we can use in our offset gun

@dacoachmohuddle: @CoachKGrabowski @coachbdud @coachcp Right now, I’m calling it “mind blowing”

@CoachBDud: @CoachKGrabowski Coach B Dud’s Blog: The Coolest Book I’ve Ever Read (MUST BUY)

@CoachFrigon: @CoachKGrabowski Just spent the weekend with this book and couldn’t put the IPAD down, worth every penny.

@dacoachmohuddle: @dacoachmohuddle: @CoachKGrabowski I’m with @coachbdud I can’t put the “book” down, the review will be earlier than promised #mindblowing

@RAPLewis: @CoachKGrabowski got the book today. Great stuff

@CoachJernigan: @CoachKGrabowski Just bought your book. I’m excited to dive in. Hopefully it aids my transition to O this year. Love the format for the book

@dacoachmohuddle: I went to weights today and showed my HC @CoachKGrabowski “book”, he didn’t put it down… #mindblowing

@CoachBurnside: @CoachKGrabowski Bought your book 101+Pro Style Pistol Offense – Awesome! Best $20 spent in a long time.

@OLGrindItOut: @CoachKGrabowski – Just bought his 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense book/clips/clinic notes/EVERYTHING for $20. WELL worth it. Very useful!

@NicholasRestifo: @CoachKGrabowski I bought the book. Great reading. Thanks

@OptionFootball: This is the future of educational books. MT @CoachKGrabowski Clinic withdrawal? Check it out on your iPad!

@astonishingstil: @CoachKGrabowski Great resource coach! Just downloaded it. Highly impressed, lots of great work here. Wishbone next? *Crosses fingers*

@Rob_Clarico: @CoachKGrabowski I am blown away by your continued cutting-edge use of technology. Combined with your football ingenuity – awesome.

@CoachKoenig: @CoachKGrabowski coach, any idea why more football books aren’t made in the same manner as your Pistol book? Unless there are I’m unaware of

@CoachKGrabowski Fantastic 21stC resource coach. Worth every cent. Formate of words,diagrams & game film really is intuitive.

@CoachKGrabowski just got the book. Love it! It’s a clinic, book, and film all in one! Will recommend it to all the coaches I know.

@CoachKGrabowski just looked at the Sample book on iBooks. Looks great! Way better than a regular book. Way of the future!

@CoachKGrabowski my flight to Hawaii just got better! Can’t wait to read!

@CoachKGrabowski just purchased your I Book and Holy Crap Coach, I’m blown away.I pad a book and video all in one! Best Buy ever #Amazing

@CoachKGrabowski All ready bought it Coach. Great book. Thanks for putting something together like this. It is definitely cutting edge

@CoachKGrabowski Just picked up your ebook. Great stuff. We run the same concepts, will help if we move to pistol. Look forward 2 more books

@CoachKGrabowski I just purchased it. Really good stuff.

@CoachKGrabowski that is awesome! #aheadofthecurve

Buy it from your iPad on the iBookstore here:



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