Clinic withdrawal? Get a clinic (and more) on your iPad!

There’s no football on TV. There’s not a clinic in your area this weekend. How can you get your football fix?

Check out my iBook, 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays. It’s a clinic, game cut-ups, and a book all in one product for just $19.99.

It’s not even close to your typical coaching book. This iBook is loaded with 229 pieces of dynamic content. Each play illustrated in the book has a presentation and images in the chapter introduction that covers the basics and some key coaching points in detail. The play is diagrammed and has an assignment chart with coaching points. Each play is accompanied by game video with both wide and tight (end zone) views. All presentations and video can be enlarged to full screen.

The introduction covers how the use of the pistol has evolved for us within the framework of a multiple, pro style offense. It’s pro style in the way that it uses multiple personnel groupings and formations. The simple to learn formation system allows an offense to align in just about any formation. Also covered in the introduction is how the run game is protected in spread and one back sets with the screen game. The pistol set allows for a downhill running game, and the ball handling and reverse out action, which is unique to this version of the pistol, creates a deception that hides the ball from the defense and makes play action very difficult to distinguish.

Chapter 2 covers inside zone including a play calling structure that makes it very multiple and allows for both a read game and a downhill running game with a naked fake threatening the backside edge. Basics for line aim points and and footwork are covered in a presentation, and the “leave two” concept is diagrammed as well. 10 inside zone game clips are provided to illustrate the multiplicity of the concept.

Chapter 3 illustrates outside zone. A presentation covers the basics for the offensive line, receivers and running back, as well as an animated still shot frame by frame explanation of the running back’s read and footwork. 12 variations of the outside zone concept are diagrammed and shown on video.

Chapter 4 moves into gap schemes beginning with the power. Two Keynote presentations explain the basics of the play, and then the rest of the chapter is divided into three sections: one back power, two back power, and receiver sweep motion and power. One back power is illustrated in a Keynote for the tight end, and a separate Keynote for offensive line including blocking assignments, calls and coaching points. Seven plays are diagrammed and shown on video. Two back power is explained in the next section and includes the general rules for all players. Five variations are diagrammed and shown on video. The chapter concludes with variations that include a speed sweep motion by a receiver. A Keynote shows the two types of motion that help create a misdirection package. Three plays are diagrammed and shown on video.

Chapter 5 explains the other gap scheme in this offense, the counter. Three images with coaching points show key components of the play. This chapter is broken into four sections beginning with counter with offensive linemen as pullers. Four plays are diagrammed and shown on video. The next section includes the more prevalent use of counter in this offense that has the guard and an h-back as pullers. 14 plays are diagrammed and on video to show the flexibility of this concept. Section three shows how the quarterback can be the runner in three different variations. The final section of counter, like power, shows how receiver run-action motion can create great misdirection with three additional play variations.

Chapter 6 demonstrates a simple, yet powerful run game concept with the pin and pull sweep. The introduction to this chapter includes a video clip and two Keynotes that illustrate the basics and variations of the play. 15 plays with variations that include the running back, receiver and quarterback as the ball carried are diagrammed and shown on video.

Chapter 7 illustrates the powerful play action that compliments the running game. Section one covers naked with a Keynote showing the keys to a successful naked. 10 plays diagrammed and with video off of all of the runs demonstrate how the combination of run and pass is very difficult for a defense to defend. With the way the naked works in this system, virtually all of the pass keys are taken away from the defense. The naked wheel variation is illustrated with six plays and creates more conflict for the defense. Action passes which couple a run with a drop back concept are demonstrated in five plays, and finally flash action with drop back protection is shown in four plays.

Each section is a clinic talk in itself. The detail and dynamic content give the reader some great ideas to incorporate in their own offense.

Get your football fix this weekend by purchasing 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays on your iPad from the iBookstore. Click the link below (US iBookstore).

Also available in Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. In a country not listed? Contact me –



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