On AFM: Just Wing It

In his book “Scoring Power with the Wing-T Offense” (1957), Forest Evashevski, the father of the wing-t offense wrote:

“The wing as a basis for an offensive attack goes back to the earliest days of American football and was popularized by Glen “Pop” Warner. When one wing proved so successful, it was inevitable that an attempt would be made to use two wings in a formation and the double wing came into being. The wing over the years has been used with about every known formation. The first wings were used by A.A. Stagg in 1890 when both ends were dropped off the line. Warner stated he started using a wing around 1908 when the rules were changed requiring seven men on the line of scrimmage. It is interesting to note that the two reasons for the wing being used fifty years ago, double teaming the tackle and masking reverses, are still valid reasons today.”

Evashevski lists 11 points as to why the wing is important to the success of an offense.

Some of those advantages can be realized regardless of the type of personnel being utilized in a wing position. Here are some that apply to most modern offenses (those specific to the wing-t are not listed, but certainly have validity if the wing-t is the chosen mode of attack (Evashevski’s words are italicized)….read more

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