Play of the Day: Naked off of Inside Zone on GL
On this play we motion the wing across and run him to the flat on the snap of the ball. The fullback steps up and blocks back on the end man in the line of scrimmage. Watch the reaction of the DE, ILB and the safety who is walked up into the alley. All three read run and work to fit in their run fill responsibilities. The safety sees the flat route runner and steps with him, but all of his other keys tell him it’s a run. Two keys for us are the QB reversing out, which makes the ball disappear from the view of the defense, and the running back rolling over the fake “rocking the baby” and making the cut away. This is one of many play action plays illustrated and explained in 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays. Keynote presentations explain and show the coaching points and keys for effective play action, and diagrams, assignment charts and wide and tight video are provided for every play.

The iBook can be purchased on your iPad through the iBookstore here:



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