A book with over 30 minutes of game film

A book with over 30 minutes of game film, that’s what you get with 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays . This is a book with a format like nothing you’ve seen before. It includes 105 video clips (over 30 minutes total) of plays that make up this offensive system. That’s well over a full game of film.

This is a unique version of the Pistol offense that utilizes multiple formations and motions, and multiple personnel. Reverse out ball handling and run game mechanics create a powerful downhill running game, a a very effective play action package. The structure of the formation system and terminology takes out much of the code that most offensive systems use and makes it very flexible and player friendly.

Each play is illustrated with wide and tight views, and can be enlarged to full screen in either portrait and landscape form. Pressing the pause button allows for forward and reverse slow motion control with the arrows.

Also included are Keynote presentations and still shot illustrations with coaching points. It can be purchased on your iPad from the iBookstore here:



1 thought on “A book with over 30 minutes of game film

  1. As of now, no plans. Only option would be to create an app that could be run. Right now it’s a technology that is only accommodated by the iPad. It’s not even close to a paper book or your typical ebook. Book is probably not the best way to classify it.

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