When it Shows up on Film: WR Comeback

Special thanks to our O-Line coach, Tony Neymeiyer for showing me this clip from “The Karate Kid.” Mr. Miyagi understands the importance of drills. Coach Neymeiyer shared this with his players to make the point that everything they do is for a purpose. Everything they practice will show up on the field.

This week’s installment highlights a drill we use with our players to teach and reinforce proper toe-knee-chin alignment, referred to by Dub Maddox as “zero position.” In this drill the receivers work through each hole in the ladder focusing an getting to that zero position and then breaking back down hill at the top of the ladder.

The second phase of this drill involves everything that the first does, but we add a catch at the end as they break back down hill. The only thing I would like to see adjusted in the drill is where the thrower is placed. I’d like to see him throwing from right next to the ladder so that the spot they are training their eyes to get to is inside like it will be in an actual play.

Here is the game application of the comeback by the same player that is in the drill.

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