Play of the Day: Counter off of Sweep Action

The play of the day is another example of how using a wing creates an advantage, as does the use of receiver sweep action. The sweep action causes a rotation of the defense to the strength. On this play the guard, tackle and wing pull opposite of the sweep action creating three more gaps to run fit on the side the defense is rotating away from. Obviously this creates run fit issues. In this example the tackle is able to pull through and lead up up the safety who has rotated to the middle if the field. As the third puller the wing is able to look to the outside for the alley player. If the running back spends just a little more time setting up his tackle on the safety he might score.

Two clinic articles on American Football Monthly describe these effective components.
“Just Wing It”
“Sweep Action to Enhance the Inside Running Game”

Receiver sweep action can add a very effective component to an offense. 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays includes 13 plays diagrammed with coaching points and press box and end zone views. Overall the iBook contains 105 plays on video (over 30 minutes total). Get this coaching resource for your iPad here:



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