It’s not really a book…

I’m thinking the idea of “book” as how to describe 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays may be confusing. I know that those who have purchased it have given it rave reviews. A common response is, “This isn’t a book, but I don’t know what to call it.” The way it integrates video, Keynote (Powerpoint) presentations, images and image galleries including illustrated still shots makes it so much more than you would get out of a traditional eBook. Most eBooks are digital paper. That’s not true for 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays.

It’s also more than pistol offense. The offense in this iBook uses principles that can be used in many backfield sets and formation structures. Included are chapters on how one back and two back power are easily integrated with little difference between the two, and counter closely relates making the gap scheme concepts efficient to install.

It describes both a play calling and formation structure that allow for multiplicity with very little terminology. Being multiple within any run scheme is very easily accomplished.

It includes sound offensive concepts like spreading a defense from sideline to sideline while still maintaining a downhill run game. It shows how personnel and motions are integrated for more multiplicity.

Ideas like adding extra gaps, stressing a defense with motion and shifts, and integrating a receiver sweep action into all runs are illustrated with diagrams and videos.

Finally, what is shared in the play action package creates a very powerful offense. Ideas are given on how to integrate both naked and drop back play action off of all your runs.

This is not just a resource for the pistol offense. Pistol is just the mode of attack we choose. The ideas shared can benefit any offensive coach.

Watch the video – it shows exactly how the technology of this “book” works.

Check it out on your iPad. You can download a sample or purchase it from the iBookstore from your iPad at the following link:


Here is a video preview of the content of my next project for the iBookstore:


One thought on “It’s not really a book…

  1. Alright, I bought it. To pay for it, I used my kids’ “food fund” for the next couple of days. They’re young and will bounce back, and it sounds like the book is worth it.

    Coach Grabowski, your work is fantastic. Very insightful, sir. Thank you.

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