Up Tempo Play Action TD

From a discussion on Coach Huey:

In my opinion, the one word or picture calls are best for packaged plays like stick-draw or zone read-bubble. Some pre snap indicators and a post snap key make you right. Takes the stress off making sure you have the right look for the play. The other thought would be to use it with a protected play action shot. I will try to post a clip on my blog. I have one where we were run, run, run at a fast pace, and then aligned very quickly and threw a play action double post. The corner and safety were taking steps to run fit. You mess with the psyche of the defense with properly set up tempo plays.

Read more: http://coachhuey.com/thread/58349/huddle-tempo-coaches#ixzz2ONeF6NzB

Learn more about our play action passing game in 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays.  It can be downloaded to your iPad from the iBookstore by clicking this link:




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