There’s an app for that: a tool for communication

Over the last year I’ve learned more and more about using a blog and using social media like Twitter and Facebook. My writing for American Football Monthly is primarily done in the summer, loaded to the WordPress blog, and scheduled for publication (every first and third Tuesday). I’ve used this blog ( to do exactly the same thing with most of my writing being done on the weekend or early morning.

My blog is set up to tweet about any new article that is published. I really liked the idea, and thought that there had to be something that could schedule my tweets as well.

I know many coaches who read this blog use their twitter accounts to keep players, parents, and supporters informed of what is happening in their programs. That’s a great use of twitter. It reaches out very quickly and gets the information you want out there at once.

I’m best at doing those types of things, like sending out reminders or messages, first thing in the morning. However, that reminder could easily be forgotten by the intended receiver by the end of the day. This idea sent me on a quest through the App Store looking for a tweet scheduler. I found a free app that did exactly what I wanted called Hootsuite.

From your PC:

From the App Store:

It does much more than just schedule tweets. It can report and give analytics to people who really rely on twitter for business, but what I really wanted was to plan and have my tweets sent strategically at certain times. The app does that. It is available on a number of different platforms and for the PC.

As a head coach, I could see using something like this for the following:
Reminders of events.
Reminders of deadlines to turn in forms or payments.
A quote of the day.
Count down to kickoff. (#days til ___)
Reminders to parents about meetings.
Messages to fans and supporters.
Any changes in schedule.

I see this as a great tool to plan your communication for optimal times to reach the audience that your message targets. You can schedule a series of tweets that lead up to an important event, or a series of reminders, so that what you need your players to do gets done!

The app even has an auto schedule function which schedules your tweet for times that your followers are most active on twitter. Hootsuite also functions with Facebook and other social media.

I don’t think any of us want to become a slave to the technology. While twitter seems to be a lot of spur of the moment random thought, there’s no reason you can’t turn this into a very effective tool for planned and organized communication.

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