When it shows up on film: OL combo block

I wrote on this topic in detail in a clinic article on AFM titled “Distort and Displace with Double Teams.”

We are able to be efficient in teaching our combo because the block applies to both our zone and power schemes.

Here are clips of two different phases of our combo drill. In the first we are really emphasizing staying on the block and getting vertical displacement.

In the second clip we are working the combo vertically and then coming off to the linebacker.

Obviously, with the time we spend on this technique we want to see it show up on film. Here it is in game video on our power play. The left guard and left tackle take the defensive tackle vertically before the guard comes off to the linebacker who has played over the top.

Learn more about our power play and other components of our offense in 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays which you can get on your iPad from the iBookstore:



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