Play of the Day: Spacing

The play of the day is Spacing with a play action fake. It’s one of the plays diagrammed and explained in the play action chapter in 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays

Spacing is a concept that I’ve used in some form over the past 12 years. My original exposure to it was learning about it at a Glazier Clinic from Andrew Coverdale in the late 90’s. In many offenses at least part of the concept we include is identified as “snag.”

What spacing has become for us is a concept structure that incorporates different components to be able to give us a true spacing concept with 5 receivers spaced horizontally across the lower intermediate area of the defense.

We’ve added multiplicity to the concept by changing the responsibility of one receiver to get us into what many offenses consider a separate concept. In fact, in some offenses what we included as part of one teaching structure would exist as up to 5 different concepts. Incorporating several variations into one teaching structure makes it very easy for our players to learn, for us to practice, and it gives us clarity in how we game plan in that we make decision on which components we will use within the spacing concept to attack an opponent in any given week.

More detail on spacing is detailed in my American Football Monthly article “A Multiple Passing Attack with the Spacing Concept.”

101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays is available from the iBookstore on your iPad:



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