Play of the Day: Four Vert Switch

The Play of the day is four verticals with a switched release by #2 & #3. The defense is in a three deep coverage and the free safety is stressed by the two seams. The switch by 2 & 3 gets both receivers a clean release.

My clinic article, “Four Keys to a Successful Four Vertical Package” will be up on American Football Monthly tomorrow. Have over 20 detailed clinics articles on American Football Monthly.

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2 thoughts on “Play of the Day: Four Vert Switch

  1. I like doing this with the #2 and #3 receiver rather than the outside receivers. Is a good way to attack the seam and the FS rather than the CB, and in my opinion, makes for an easier read for the QB. It also has the added benefit of likely forcing a LB to carry a receiver more-so than DBs.

    Any thought of doing something different with the isolated #1? With the switch between #2 and #3 combined with the deep out by #1 to the trips side, you have that side overloaded vs cover 3, so other than holding the CB on the far side, the deep out by the isolated #1 isn’t giving you a lot. On the other hand, an intermediate cross to quasi-mesh with #2 on the far side of the field and be more adaptable to attack a two high look or a man concept (assuming you adjust your inside switch receiver vs man), and also builds in a hot for the QB. It also brings the isolated #1 more into view of the QB so his progression is more natural to utilize all the receivers on a single play.

    Any thoughts on that?

    • Yes. We give qb a number of options to use the single route. We have some examples of running him on a shallow with the switch as well in my article on 4 verts on AFM.

      We have multiple switch variations including 1 and 2 coming inside to boundary and field hashes and 3 going out. The whole package is based on attacking the numbers and hashes(landmarks).

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