Servant Leadership from Jim Zorn

I’ve posted a few articles on leadership, and they have received a favorable response, so I wanted to add more to this topic.

I incorporate the information in the Power Point slides below in my quarterback manual.  I found this information in the 1998 Detroit Lions Quarterback Manual.  The quarterback coach for the Lions in 1998 was Jim Zorn.

Football is the ultimate team sport.  Unfortunately, it seems that individuality is being rewarded and highlighted more and more.  As football coaches we have a great opportunity to teach young men to be great leaders by helping others.

The first slide is designed for the quarterbacks.  Quarterbacks who can adopt this philosophy will be winners and help their team succeed.



The next slide could really be re-written for any position or for a football player in general.  In most high schools football players are held in high esteem.  Unfortunately, we read news stories far too often about football players who view their status as entitlement to do the wrong thing.  As coaches we need to keep them grounded about what this is really about and the great opportunities they have because of football.


The next slide defines servant leadership.  It really puts the focus on serving others rather than the leader being served by the team. A team captain should understand the great responsibility that goes along with the position.  This is great information to share.


The next slide can certainly be given to any member of a team.  It gives concrete examples of servant leadership.


Finally, Zorn included a paragraph about the results of serving others.  The benefits for both the team and the individual who leads by serving others are explained.



Hopefully this is something you find useful in developing leaders and young men who will make themselves and others better.

How we coach the game is as important of our knowledge of the X’s & O’s!

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