If you own an iPad, this coaching resource is worth it!

Four popular football coaching bloggers have written reviews on 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays. Each focused their reviews on the technology and the football content.

First off, the feedback on this technology in delivering detailed coaching information has been outstanding.

Brett Dudley wrote in his review about his experience using the iPad to view the iBook:

I think calling it a “book” is a disservice. It is an interactive offense in a box. It is a clinic that you can fit in to your backpack or briefcase. It is everything you need to know to be able to run a successful offense at any level. The way the text is broken up with the diagrams and videos (embedded straight in to the “book”) makes it very easy to read. You are not weighed down by text. There is never a problem visualizing what he is talking about because there is video (which is intercut with sideline and EZ view) as well as diagrams (that advance like a slideshow every time you tap the screen). The book moves seamlessly from page to page and when you enlarge the video player or diagrams. I never had an issue with it lagging or loading … just a flick or tap of the finger/thumb and the videos/diagrams make the text come alive.

I have never seen a resource that is so complete and that appeals to any type of learner.

Curtis Peterson of Strong Football Coach Blog calls the format a game changer:

“The real game changer is the dynamic slideshows to describe each play. For instance, if I’m reading about inside zone, all I do is click the image and it will go to the next slide. So I can see a play as it develops. I can see the blocking rules. Pages aren’t wasted on diagrams, which is nice. What would take the average book another 50-100 pages to show (and you’d forget stuff along the way), he shows in a portion of a slide show.

Finally, the addition of video right on the page is huge. Instead of having to call up the coach, hoping for film, you can see the concept in real time. You can visualize what the book is saying.”

Zach at Compete in All Things Blog was impressed with the technology as well:

” I think EVERYONE (note: that’s everyone with an iPad since it’s iBooks only) should buy this book because of this: it’s the best executed example of how to teach an offense to ANYONE I’ve ever seen. The book describes the concepts, includes Keynote (Apple version of PowerPoint) presentations of coaching points and key ideas, shows diagrams of the plays, then shows film of the plays themselves. As coaches, we should aspire to have the most efficient ways to install/teach our offenses or defenses and make sure that our players understand and comprehend what we’re trying to get them to do.
If you want to approach it as a educator, this is a concrete example of appealing to multiple learning styles, especially if you are talking to them as you go through everything, which you will be. If you have them take their own notes, then you’re hitting another learning style. If you then have an on-field walk-through as your pre-practice, you’re hitting another. I’ll defy you to find a better way to present information to kids in a way that they will have stronger recall or understanding, especially when dealing with time constraints like we all have.
So, again, this book is an amazing example of how to teach ANYTHING to our players. Plus it’s pretty bitchin’ technology.”

After John Maurek calmed down because he thought his head might explode he also reviewed the use of the technology and found the mobility of it to be of high value:

I “read” it almost nonstop. I purchased it on a Thursday night and finished it the next Tuesday.

Places I viewed the book.

While I exercised. (no I didn’t do curls with it)

At School.

At Starbucks.

With my son…Actually he delayed my viewing of the book, I let him check out the new iPad first…(Dad of the Year 2013)

I took it to the weight room to show my HC, he was mesmerized for 20 minutes then started to write down plays on the board.

I was ready to read some of it while waiting at the Barber Shop…but I didn’t have to wait. I was pissed…could this be the only time someone was pissed about NOT waiting?”

Not only did the format receive high reviews, the content did as well:

Maurek noted

“I do like the ZONE SCHEME with double teams. But I could not “live” without a GAP SCHEME too… Coach Grabowski’s offense combines a mixture of Zone, Gap and Option schemes which produces a POWERful and Multiple running attack.

As I read further I discovered the same we have followed the same path of issues. We have always read the backside on ALL gun runs. We then placed the RB behind the QB to provide a more downhill path. This past year, we wanted an even more quicker hitting run, so we decided, on some runs to have a direct handoff. It worked! But we still did not like the Play Action…
Maurek noted how the play action described in the book and addressed his needs,
“We will most definitely be adding a reverse out handoff to our run game. This will make for a more effective play action game.”

Dudley found it useful even though he does not use the Pistol:

We don’t even run pistol, I don’t want to run pistol. However there are so many things within this iBook that I found to be worthwhile I am adapting many of schemes to our offset gun offense. I think no matter what offense you run you will find things you can take way from this offense. I now have to edit my playbook because of the changes this iBook has compelled me to make to our Play Action/Boot Leg game.

This is a valuable resource for anyone using a pistol, gun, pro style offense, or anyone that just wants to have a better understanding of a well structured, complete, multiple offense.

Zach loved the content and it meshed well with what he likes to see in an offense:

I’m super in love with Coach Grabowski’s offense at Baldwin Wallace. It’s EXACTLY what I would like to run as a potential HC/OC. Pistol, 11/12 personnel, Downhill run and playaction focus, concept carryover galore. It’s like he read my mind, then said, “This guy is clearly an idiot, it should be done this way” and then did it.

Peterson also found the content of great value especially in terms of the detail provided:

Now, to talk about why this book is a game changer and so great. First of all, Coach Grabowski describes his system in detail. In his book, he talks about how the read different defenders in their pistol option or how they can have a different blocker assigned to different defender. So you can easily block zone read, zone bob, zone with the FB blocking the backside end, etc.

In heir final recommendations all agree it is well worth the $19.99


Besides the fact that it has great features, the content and system itself are great as well, and it’s easy to overlook that. That alone is worth the $19.99. The features, if you consider how much film goes for, would add another $10-$40.




Again, people, what are you waiting for?? Go buy it now and enjoy the awesome reading/viewing experience.


It truly is hard to sum up this experience. This is a must buy!

Get it here on your iPad from the iBookstore:




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