Play of the Day: Pin & Pull

The pin and pull sweep has become a staple in our offense. It is a simple scheme with simple rules, but it provides flexibility and multiplicity in the way that it allows an offense to get the ball out on the perimeter.

The scheme variations as well as who is assigned to carry the ball allow this scheme to be run from a variety of personnel groupings and formations.

The pin and pull scheme is another concept that is detailed in 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays.  All plays included in the iBook include wide and tight video.  Each play section includes a Keynote presentation on the basics of the concept being illustrated.

Here it is from a spread set with a receiver motioning in to anchor the edge.

101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays is available through the iBookstore on your iPad here:


1 thought on “Play of the Day: Pin & Pull

  1. Love it. We use the “wham” motion a lot. We tag a play w wham and that tells the motion man where he hits. Are you pulling pg and pt tackle around the seal block by motion man

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