Quick Game Paired with Naked

In 2001, I learned about a simple concept that paired quick game with naked at a coaches clinic at Carnegie Mellon University. Offensive Coordinator Rich Erdelyi showed how the quarterback could get a simple pre and post snap read for the quick game (hitch or slant) and if it wasn’t there he could roll away to the tight end and wing slam releasing on their naked rules.

Here’s two variations from CMU’s 2001 playbook:


This combination is gaining popularity. Recently, Matt Kalb, Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach at Aurora University, wrote an article on this topic in the March issue of American Football Monthly. Coach Kalb also spoke on this topic at the Glazier Clinic.

Minnesota Quarterback Coach Jim Zebrowski also spoke on this topic at the Glazier Clinic in Cleveland. Minnesota had success with what the call “Money” and “Cash” in their offense. Here’s a few clips that coached shared at the clinic.

In the first clip the hitch is available and the quarterback takes it. You will see the #2 receiver slanting and then working to 15 on the opposite hash. #2 is an option for the QB on the slant on quick timing if the defense gives it to him.

The second clip shows the Quarterback taking the quick game as well.

In the third clip the quarterback sees defenders covering down and taking away quick game. He pump fakes the quick and rolls away to the naked concept on the other side finding #2 wide open on the crossing route.

The best thing about installing quick-naked is that is very low investment. Both components that are paired together-the quick game and naked-are usually a part of most offenses. There is no new learning for players, and the read for the quarterback is very simple. The other benefit is that this preserves an option for the quarterback if the quick game is not there. In a mirrored quick game concept, a QB has the side he has decided to go to pre snap and that’s it. The other side is not available if the pres snap side is not there.

Here’s some more video of the concept from Illinois College on Youtube.

I’m sure that this is a concept that many offenses will use in 2013.

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