On AFM: The Play-Action Pass: Tying Runs to Pass Concepts

As I’ve mentioned before in my first article in this column, I believe that offenses should be set up to evolve rather than have to make major changes from year to year because of changes in personnel. As part of our evolution, a key component was to find efficiencies in the structure of our system. The goal was to create a system where everything we do is tightly integrated. Within that integration we wanted to find efficiencies and carryover while allowing for flexibility and multiplicity.

One area which has evolved for us is our play-action passing game. In the past, we had drop back play-action that existed as only one run action with one basic route combination and a variation added with a tag. The structure of the run action protection limited the route combination and therefore our use of what was simply termed “Action Post ” or “Action Post Change.” While these were effective at times, the limitation in the number of looks (formations) made it difficult to integrate into every game plan.

We experimented with a number of different tags over two seasons and realized that if we wanted a drop back play-action game to be more effective, it would have to satisfy three criteria. First, we would need a way to tie it to our main runs in a game plan. Second, we would need route variations, and third, we wanted to be able to do it out of multiple formations and personnel. more here…


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