Compilation of Diamond Pistol Backfield Resources

Innovative Coaching Resources:

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Over the past few seasons a full house backfield from the pistol set, also known as the diamond formation has become popular. Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, and West Virginia popularized it in the college ranks, and the Niners and Redskins have used it effectively in the NFL. For teams that can put some speed on the edges with talented receivers and force a two safety defense, advantages can be found in the run game with essentially nine on seven in a balanced set. Because of the number of backs (or fullback/H-backs) and position in the backfield, adding blockers to one side or the other is an easy way to get a +1 or more advantage for the offense. The set can be used with traditional pro style runs, zone read and options schemes.

Here is a list of resources that can be found on the Internet. Special thanks to my student assistant Garrett Mack for compiling this list.

49ers 3 back

Redskins diamond

Oregon full house concept(not diamond but interesting attack)




La Tech (Cal)

WVU/Texas A&M




OK St–Diamond-Formation

Clinic talk-p.a. pass/perimeter run

The Pistol provides a variety of different ways to attack with multiple formations, and the diamond set can be advantageous out of a number of different personnel sets. I’m sure we will see the use and innovations with this set grow in the 2014 season.

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2 thoughts on “Compilation of Diamond Pistol Backfield Resources

  1. Coach Grabowski,
    I really enjoy seeing how you incorporate technology and implement different teaching/ coaching methods.

    I need to hook you up with one of my good coaching friends and colleague, Scott Baumgartner. Coach Baumgartner was on the Nevada staff (WR’s) with Ault when they installed the pistol, and remained there until coach Ault retired this year. He now is WR coach at New Mexico with Davie. He and I coached together at the University of Central Missouri. He is not on social media much, but I visit with him often. He presents at several Glazier clinics each year. I think you guys would enjoy talking offense.

    Keep up the good work… Keep sharing, you have a lot to offer the profession.


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