Improving learning through the use of iPads

“If the competition has laptop computers and you’re still using yellow legal pads, it won’t matter how long and hard you work — they’re going to pass you.”-Bill Parcells


A new study from MIT shows that kids who use tablets learn and retain information much better than kids who don’t. This obviously has an impact in the classroom, but is also useful for coaches. There are many companies creating apps and programs that are specific to sports, especially football. More and more NFL teams are using iPad based playbooks to teach their players their systems.

The iPad is obviously a great tool for coaching as I have pointed out in previous posts. Unfortunately, there is a huge budget difference between what the NFL and the FBS schools can afford and what the rest of the world is able to afford. Even so, I’ve found some simple ways to get much of the functionality out of the iPad and do many things that those high budget programs are paying top dollar for at a fraction of the cost…more on this in future posts.

Here’s a link to the MIT study:

If you own an iPad, please check out my iBook, the first coaching resource of its kind,101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays. This is a resource that has principles that can apply to any offense. It’s also a great example of a multimedia playbook that you can create for your team. You can get it from the iBookstore:


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