No Huddle & Tempo Resources

This book that looks at every facet of tempo utilized to this point as well as giving ideas yet to be used:

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 3.55.53 PM

Targeted Attack:  Using Tempo As a Weapon  iPad  Google Play  More Info

It includes instructional videos and example videos on each of 20 tempo tools explained in the manual.  Suggestions and plans for implementation and use in any offense are included.  You will definitely see an opportunity for use in your own offense.

I like to accumulate resources and keep notes on different topics. No Huddle and Tempo Offense have interested me for years. I wrote a three part series on American Football Monthly that discusses the specifics of using various tempos and procedures to attack a defense. Read those here:

Tempo and Procedures Part I

Tempo and Procedures Part II – Slow it Down

Tempo and Procedures Part III – Speed it Up

I have some brief posts on this blog as well:

Tempo From the Huddle

But Did They Call it Nascar?

Knute Rockne on the No Huddle Offense

One Word Play Calls

The Uptempo Huddle

Here is a post on USA Football:

Tempo Tools for Any Offense

In my opinion, an offense is not using every tool available if they are not using tempo as a weapon. Tempo has become part of every play call for us. We have 17 different procedures that vary our tempo. We will never use all of those in a game, however, we now game plan tempo and attach it to certain plays or play packages.

We have found a way to do everything from no huddle. You can see how we use a multitude of formations, personnel and motions in our Pro Style Pistol Offense in my iBook, 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays. That does not mean no huddle is the only way to use tempo. Hopefully the links in this post help you with your research and give you ideas for improving your offense.

News Articles

Syracuse No-Huddle

Iowa No-huddle

Huskies shifting to No-Huddle

Saban not a fan of No-Huddle

Sumlin’s Response to Saban

New England Patriots

Patriots 1 Word Tempo

Another Patriots 1 Word

How Chip Kelly Influenced Patriots No-Huddle

Tom Brady Discusses No-Huddle

Seneca Valley High School

Chesterton High School

Mazzone Offense Philosophy

NFL Nomenclature


NFL Release on No Huddle

Q&A with Herb Hand

Analysis Articles

Analysis of Ole’ Miss (Hugh Freeze) Drive

Auburn Hurry-up, No-Huddle Analysis: Be Fast & Physical

Auburn Hurry-up, No-Huddle Analysis: O-Line

Auburn Hurry-up, No-Huddle Analysis: QBs

Auburn Hurry-up, No-Huddle Analysis: TE/H-Backs

Auburn Hurry-up, No-Huddle Analysis: RB

Auburn Hurry-up, No-Huddle Analysis: WR

What NFL Teams Can Do To Counter The No-Huddle Offense

The No-Huddle and Bill Walsh

Eleven Warriors Blog – No Huddle

Clinic Articles

Brian Flinn – Villanova

John T. Reed Warp Speed, No-Huddle

No Huddle Communication – John Maurek

Coach B Dud – Installing A No Huddle Offense

Hudl Blog: Avoid No-Huddle Mistakes

Alex Wood – Two Minute Uptempo

Blue Streak No Huddle (HS)

Chris Peterson Strong Football Blog – Simplifying Play Calls

Brophy Football Blog Defending the No Huddle Spread

Brophy Football Blog No Huddle Wristband

Brophy Football Blog ISU Tempo Check

Clinic Presentations

Arundel HS No-Huddle Clinic Power Point

Kent Kessinger-Ottowa University

Jay Wilkinson – Broken Arrow

Tulsa No-Huddle 2009

Another set of Tulsa No-Huddle Notes (Bill Blankenship)

Brian Flinn – No Huddle Operation

No Huddle Triple Option – Gary Denhary (HS)

John Ivlow Bolingbrook HS

Rich Rodriguez Clinic Notes 2013


Grand Junction HS Power Pistol No Huddle – Robbie Owens

Smart Football/Chris Brown

Future of the NFL

Speak my Language

The New Old School (article on Chip Kelly offense)

Brophy Football Blog

Battle of the Boards


Coach Book

No Huddle Playbooks

Mark Jackson – Seckman HS (MO)

Websites Dedicated to No-Huddle

Full Throttle Football

Play Fast Football

High Speed Spread Football

Noel Mazzone

Philosophy video

Brief Analysis of ASU

Mazzone on building an offense

Youth Football No-Huddle

Tips on Running No Huddle at Youth Level

On Youtube

Dave Bates – Auburn HS

Oregon Play

Grand Junction HS Cut Ups

Patriots 1 Word

Scott Smith (90min)

Peyton Manning Communicating

Oregon Picture Boards

Coach Huey Threads

One Word

I Still Love The Huddle

Check with coach no huddle

No Huddle Communication

2 Minute Offense

No Huddle Practice Plan

No Huddle terminology for OL

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