Distributing Your Interactive Playbook

I’ve been consulting with a coach who has been creating an interactive version of his playbook with hyperlinks, animations and video. The playbook was created on his Mac with Keynote. He was working through how he would distribute this and came to the conclusion that he was limited by the technology because all of his players wouldn’t have Keynote on their iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, and some have android devices. He seemed a little discouraged and sent me the following note.

“Coach, after looking through this I think I’ve come to the conclusion that there really isn’t any software or app that will allow me to do what I want to do in Keynote. If there was just an app or a viewer for keynote that would support the hyperlinks & animations I’d be set.”

While there is not an app to serve as a Keynote viewer, there are PowerPoint viewers available for OSX and Android.

The best app available for OSX devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) is Slideshark. Slideshark preserves all of your PowerPoint animations, hyperlinks, sounds and embedded video. Slideshark is a free app (up to 100mb of storage for the user). It does require a simple registration process (enter email and create a password), but is the solution that coach was looking for.

The simple step in the process is that on his Mac, coach will have to export his keynote as a ppt file. If you created a PowerPoint on a pc then this would not be a concern. The only issue that you will run into with Keynote to converting to Mac is that animations will be lost. Most likely the animations are a big part of your playbook, so the only other suggestion is to use PowerPoint to build your playbook. Animations are not lost in converting PowerPoint to Keynote if you wish to do that later. Fortunately, the coach I was consulting with had only built some sample slides. He does have a pc available to create his playbook on PowerPoint.

To distribute your PowerPoint version of your playbook simply include it as an attachment in an email to your players and coaches. I would suggest providing the link to Slideshark so they can download for free it from the App Store.


I do not own an Android device, but some research indicates that Officesuite Viewer app for the Android platform will handle your needs. Include this link for your players and coaches as well.


To summarize, here are my suggestions for creating an interactive playbook which can be viewed on computers and mobile devices:
1. Use PowerPoint to create your playbook. Read my posts Playbook of the Future and Utilize Technology to Teach and Coach for ideas.
2. Be sure that your PowerPoint is easy to navigate by using menus and hyperlinks. Easy access to information is the key.
3. Distribute your PowerPoint through email or Dropbox.
4. Include links for the Slideshark app (Apple devices) and OfficeSuite Viewer app (Android devices)

I have been using interactive, multimedia PowerPoint Playbooks since 2005. Currently I am incorporating the use of PowerPoint, still shots, screencasts, diagrams and video into an iBooks playbook. It allows for the perfect mix of multimedia to create a very dynamic teaching/learning tool. I used this technology in my iBook, the first of its kind for football coaching. You can purchase 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays from your iPad by clicking the link below.



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