Building leadership by developing committed individuals


In the June issue of American Football Monthly, I shared more ideas on developing effective team captains. I’ve also mentioned on this blog the use of Jeff Janssen’s book The Team Captain’s Leadership Training Manual. This was a very effective book to help explain what we were looking for from our leaders and captains. More than anything it was a great conversation starter for many issues that affected our team. One of the best tools we took from the book is Janssen’s trademarked Comittment Continuum. I highly suggest the above mentioned book. He has recently released a book specifically dealing with the Commitment Continuum. To learn more on Janssen’s website click here.

The premise is to understand what it truly means to be committed and compelled in all areas of life, but especially in those which others depend on your commitment. As we developed those who were committed and compelled (bought in to what we were doing), we urged them to help move others along the continuum. It became a strong force within our team. As coaches we would meet throughout the offseason and place all of our players along that continuum. The goal for us as coaches was to move as much of our team to committed and compelled over the course of the off season and to have a plan to handle those not moving in that direction.

The Commitment Continuum was our tool focused on individual commitment while the leadership ladder was our tool to evaluate and focus on commitment to the team and teammates. We felt the two worked very well in developing committed individuals and leaders. We used both as evaluation tools.

Read more on the Leadership Ladder here.


With just a couple of months before the season begins, maximize the commitment and leadership on your team. If you aren’t happy with where your team is now, I suggest looking into some of these resources. There’s still time to develop these important aspects of your team.

I’d also suggest adding 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays to your summer reading list. As many of those who have already purchased this valuable resource can attest, not only is the content presented in a dynamic manner, the content provides ideas that will help any coach regardless of their preferred offensive system. Get it for your iPad by clicking the link below:



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