Keep up with your favorite blogs

I follow a number of different football blogs. In the past I would have to log on to the website and see if anything new had been posted. With an RSS reader app, I know when a new post is on my favorite blog because it will show up as a notification on my app. The app I prefer to use is Feedler RSS. This is a free app for the iPad and iPhone. Anytime I have a free minute, I will read the newest posts in my list of blogs that I follow. Feedler is a pretty simple app and it allows me to organize the feeds that I follow into different categories. You can create as many of these folders as you would like.




Another app that has a great interface and serves a similar purpose is Flipboard. Flipboard gives you the feel of your own personalized magazine and is free for the iPad and iPhone as well. It will integrate your twitter feed and Facebook pages and other social media as well as any other website you add. This is definitely worth checking out. I haven’t used this a ton so I’m not exactly sure how to set it up to receive feeds.

Here are some web addresses to get you started. These blogs are updated regularly and the writers provide some great content. Copy these web addresses into the app.

General(offense and defense as well as other coaching topics)






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