Quick Passing Game Resources

I recently wrote an article on American Football Monthly on the evolution of the quick passing game. This post provides some resources on the quick passing game and some new developments in the quick game. Read it here.

If you own an iPad, please check out my iBook 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays. You can get it by clicking the link below.

Quick passing Game Resources:

James Vint

Purdue Joe Tiller-Smart Football

Combining Quick with Runs

Blair Hrovat wingt quick game

Dan Gonzalez Expanding the Quick Passing Game

1 high and 2 high beaters

Ron Guagenti Marian Catholic

Spurlock SVSU

Mike Emendorfer

Clemson 2001

Chris Brown – Manufacturing Big Plays in the Passing Game

Clemson 2011

Andrew Coverdale – Updates to the Quick Passing Game

Ron Jenkins Empty Protection

Slack R4 with Coverdale quick game

Brophy Football – why quick?



Empty quick game

Kansas Wesleyan on AFM

The quick passing game in the spread offense

Packaging 3 Step and 5 Step Concepts into the same play

Stick, Snag and the importance of Triangles in the passing game.

Gunter Brewer’s 3 Step Passing Game

Notes on Practicing and Developing the Quick Passing Game

Access Rule in the Quick Passing Game

Coach Huey Threads March ’12-June ’13
Double Slants

4wide stick

Y Stick

Spacing vs Stick

Quick game and snag vs 3-5

Double Slants

3 Step boot

3 step double slants

Hitch route

Y stick Y option

Slant Bubble Concept

Stick with out by no. 1


Packaging 3 step and 5 step


3 step protection

All hitch

Tony Franklin System Quick Game

68 Y Stick

Stick QB Draw

Stick Slant

Back ShoulderFade

Holgorsen Dual Play

Bubble fade vs arrow fade

Y stick vs 3 man snag

Check with me 3 step

Trips quick game patterns

Backside quick game

Hitch seam and stick combo

Arrow help

Seam in hitch seam

Ok st stick draw

Packaging 3 step and 5 step

Dump/ pop pass

Back shoulder fade teaching techniques

TE quick game

Y stick pass

Backside of quicks

Slant wheel vs post wheel

Youtube Cut Ups
Air Raid Y Stick

Texas Tech(Leach) Stick

John Carlson teaching stick route

Tony Demeo quick-boot

Stick Draw combo

Stick Routes nfl

Packaged plays

Slant route technique

Hitch route technique

Fade Stop Stan Zweifel

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