A good friend of mine, who coached on my staff in 2007, was recently cleaning out his basement and came across a box of old coaching magazines. He knew I would appreciate them, so he gave them to me. I was able to page through the table of contents in all of them, some dating back as far as 1965, and they are full of great articles from the past. As I was thumbing through Coach & Athlete from September 1969 (Woody was on the cover), I found this advertisement:


The “Graph-Check Sequence Camera” allowed you to show a player his performance within 10 seconds on a sequence of Polaroid film shots captured at high speed. It was truly ahead of its time…except for the price. For $375 you got the camera and a carrying case. In today’s dollars that’s $1,834.16. You can buy an iPad and an app like Coach’s Eye or Ubersense (more on these apps in another post) and still only have spent about a third of what you’d have to pay in 1969. I love that someone saw the value in that type of coaching in 1969. Innovations in technology and coaching methods have brought us a long way.

Read about some of the uses of technology and apps in these articles:
Scout cards on the iPad with Hudl and Skitch.

Communicate with your team, parents, alums and boosters with Hootsuite.

Provide instruction at anytime with Educreations and Screenchomp.

Distribute your interactive playbook with Slide Shark.

Check your players understanding with eClicker.

Keep up with your favorite coaching blogs and be notified when a new article is posted.

Get the first of its kind, a multimedia interactive book for your iPad 101+ Pro Style Pistols Plays


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