Downhill Pistol Running Game

I’ve written a number of articles that provide the information and detail necessary to get you started on putting together a powerful downhill running game from the Pistol. These runs are not necessarily limited to the pistol set and can be adjusted to be run from many backfield set. If you’re familiar with the way I present information, you know you will get plenty of diagrams, coaching points, and video cut-ups to illustrate each play and technique being discussed.

It all starts with the zone running game and teaching gap responsibility. Learn how to create a multiple zone running game here:

A Multiple Run Game with the Zone Scheme

Combination blocks are an important part of zone and gap schemes. Get details on combination blocks here:

Distort and Displace with Double Teams

We use two gap schemes that we teach in a very similar way. Learn about our Power and Counter schemes in the following links:

One Back Power Concept

Add Multiplicity with a Flexible Run Scheme-The Counter Play

Hit the perimeter with Pin and Pull Sweep. It’s a flexible scheme that can be run with the running back, quarterback, or a receiver in motion:

The Pin and Pull Sweep

Sweep Action to Enhance the Inside Running Game

Of course all of these runs and more are detailed, illustrated and shown in video (over 30 minutes worth of game film) in my iBook 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays available now for your iPad from the iBookstore and later this fall available on your Mac as well.

Click the link to get it from the iBookstore:



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