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Once I became an offensive coordinator, I became immensely interested in game planning. Bill Walsh’s information was one of the few resources I could find until Brian Billick wrote his book, Developing an Offensive Game Plan. Billick’s book is the best out there on game planning.

In this post are a list of game planning resources that I have found over time. I will be sharing more on this topic in the near future on American Football Monthly. Being able to put together a solid game plan begins with a soundly structured and designed offense that provides the answers you need on game day. Read more about designing an offensive system here. My iBook presents an example of an offense that is designed to have the answers needed for the defensive problems faced on game day. It’s a great coaching resource that presents coaching information in a very dynamic way, and it is packed with details. Read more about it here and get it for your iPad here.

Bill Walsh Method for Game Planning

Bill Walsh – Practice Planning and Game Planning

Brian Billick – Game Planning and Openers

Brian Billick- Implementing and Practicing an Offensive Game Plan

Points of emphasis for defensive game planning

Game planning defensive coverages

How to design a football offensive gameplan

Practice planning and game planning

Game plan nuggets

Jenks football-video of Dub Maddox going through a week of game planning and preparation. Some great nuggets here.

Preparing defensive game plan key to winning

Developing an Offensive Game Plan. Buck

Offensive Game Plan You Be You -Strong Football

Dan Gonzalez – assembling a game plan pt1

Dan Gonzalez – assembling a game plan pt 2

How to develop an offensive game plan

Play Action as Part of the Game Plan

Youth Football Presentation that includes game planning

Coaches Checklist for Offensive Game Planning

Tyrone Willingham – AFCA 2002

Laying out the Game Plan

Coaches Check List for Offensive Game Planning

A Day-By-Day Look at Offensive Game Planning

Mike Kelly-Designing an Offensive Game Plan

HS Offensive Game Planning- Down/Distance, Situations and Numbers

What goes into a game plan?

Andrew Coverdale – Off Season Game Planning

How Chip Kelly Game Plans for Opponents

Penn State Game Planning

Football: Creating an Offensive Game Plan

How to prepare a defensive game plan in youth football

Gettysburg HS Game Planning

Game Preparation: Breaking Down the Offense
Points of Emphasis for Defensive Game Planning

3 Keys to Defensive Game Planning – Strong Football

Coordinating your call sheet and practice scripts

An inside look at Jon Gruden’s game plan

VMI Special Teams Organization and Game Planning

How an NFL staff divides the game planning duties

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