On American Football Monthly: Pulling Linemen

I would like to thank our offensive line coach Tony Neymeiyer for his assistance with this article.
Most offenses use schemes that require a lineman to pull and block a defender on the first level or second level. I’ve heard arguments from time to time about which technique is best for a pulling lineman – a “square” pull or an “skip” pull. The fact of the matter is that each serves a different purpose and has its uses within certain schemes.
The same pull style cannot be used for every play because each play requires the pulling lineman to do different things. It’s equivalent to having to not ask a lineman to utilize the same footwork on inside zone as he would on outside zone – both plays are distinctly different from each other even though they have similarities. For the same reason, pulls must be executed based on what you want the puller to accomplish in his block.
Before we get into the specifics of each technique, let’s define each type and give examples of the schemes that use each type…more here

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