On AFM: More Bang for your Buck with the Power Scheme

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It’s up on American Football Monthly. The Power Scheme is being utilized in new and different ways in today’s offenses as well as in it’s traditional form. Power is a key component of the the Pro Style Pistol Offense, and you can learn more about it in my iBook for the iPad here.

The “Power O” is a play that has been around for a long time. Running it with a fullback and a tight end used to be the standard. It was a play that was a staple in many run-based offenses because it allowed for a double team at the point of attack and brought two extra blockers to the play side with the fullback and the pulling guard. Offensive coaches were not afraid to call it into an 8-or 9-man box, and utilizing two tight ends and two running backs to get it done was common.
The professional game evolved with many teams adopting an H-Back for a fullback to the point where some would joke that NFL stood for “No Fullbacks Left”. However, many high school and college teams still used the fullback to run the play. The game evolved further with the advent and popularity of the spread. Still, the power play found a way to survive through all of these changes. Again, the numbers that the scheme brings to the play side makes it a viable play in any offense…read more

Here are more resources on the “Power O” scheme.


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