Play Action Passing Resources

Play action passing is a huge part of our offense. Being able to run the ball effectively and having a good play action game go hand in hand. Here are some resources from my notes on the play action passing game. Along with coaching presentations and articles, I’ve included good analysis articles that explain an offense’s plays with illustrated still shots, diagrams, and video. I have found a lot of statistical analysis which really shows the importance of having play action as part of the passing game. In most of the statistical analysis articles you will see that play action greatly enhances the team’s passing statistics and the quarterback’s rating. As an NFL coach recently told me, a good keeper turns into the same play that the QB was running in junior high and is easy to complete. Finally, I include a section of videos. All of the links in this post are to materials that are free.

Read my AFM article on tying the run and pass together here.

Read my AFM article on organizing a pass concept here.

Download my PowerPoint on keys to effective play action here.

View some of my play Action Cut-ups here.

My post on General Bootleg Quarterback Principles

Play action is explained, diagrammed, and shown on video in my iBook 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays available for the iPad on the iBookstore here.

Dub Maddox-Set-Show-Snap-Sell. Must watch on how to teach play action fakes. We use it at BW.

Get Coaches Edge cutting edge resources.  Text, diagrams, animations, and game video all in one product:

101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays:  Play Action iPad iPhone More Info

Herring Snippet Covers.001

Explosive Offense:  Manufacturing Vertical Shots iPad  More Info

101+ Read Game Plays    iPad   More Info (includes read game PAP)

101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays  iPad   More Info (large PAP section)

Smart Football/Chris Brown

Play Action – Better Pull a Guard

Green Bay and the Dig Pattern

Jimbo Fischer Bootleg

Manufacturing Big Plays in the Passing Game

Analysis Articles

Redskins Best PAP

Giants Play Action

Ravens PA vs Giants

Patriots PAP


Houston Texans 2012 PAP


Broncos Bootleg

Texans Signature Play

Oregon Play Action

Boise St complimenting Power O with PAP


Stanford PA off of Power O

Ohio St 2011

Cincy Bearcats

Zone Bootleg

Clinic Articles and Presentations
Ron Jenkins Play Action Mechanics

Fundamentals of Play Action JA Polk

Top Gun QB Academy PA Fundamentals

Andrew Coverdale PPT includes PAP

Bill Walsh – Controlling the ball with the pass

American Football Monthly- Paul Markowski

American Football Monthly – Rich Hargitt

Complimenting the rushing play with a play action

Pistol PA Downloads

Dennis Erickson – One Back a play Action, Miami 1993

Play Action off of Jet Sweep

Play Action with Curl and Scat concepts

Spread Offense Counter GT PAP

Mount Union PAP

Ted Seay- Bunch Play Action from Double Wing

Coach B Dud

Jay Wilkinson- Jenks Bunch, covers some PAP

Youth Double Wing Passing Game

Shotgun Wing T Play Action

Wishbone Play Action

Naked-Using Receiver Motion

Passing Game- Bootlegs

Bootlegs-QB reads made simple

Wing T Waggle

Spread Offense Bootleg Series

Bakersfield HS Pistol Play Action

Wing T 48 Pass

Defending the Bootleg

Backside safety vs play action

Statistical Analysis

NFL PAP Snapshot

Cowboys PAP

Bears PAP

NFC West

Seahawks PA

Cowboys-Play Calling and the Illusion of Offensive Balance

2012 Play Action, Defense

2012 Play Action, Offense

Cowboys PAP rate increasing

Running the Numbers

Redskins use of PA


49ers play action

Play Pass-Selling the Fake

QB &RB Action

QB footwork Draw Action Pass

Cal Play Action Money Concept pt1

Cal Play Action Money Concept pt 2

Cal Play Action Money Concept pt3

Ga Tech Inside Veer PAP

Play Action from Ski Gun

Play Action Pass Protections

PAP off of Jet Sweep

PAP from Power I

Wishbone PAP

Option Central PAP off Jet Sweep

Wildcat Naked

Wildcat Jump Pass

Fishduck: Oregon PA

Fishduck: Oregon Sweep/PA

Ohio St Zone Read PAP

Alex Gibbs Keepers

Tony Demeo Video Cuts
Frontside Post Wheel

Backside Post Wheel

Boot from trips

Frontside Stretch

Backside Stretch

Stretch with Triple Action

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