Follow-up: Advice to young coaches taking on a (Defensive) Coordinator Role

Yesterday I posted my advice to young coaches taking on a coordinator role. The advice was from a response to a message I received. Read it here.

I also received a message from a young defensive coordinator who will be in his first season of coordinating this fall. He asked for resources for defensive game planning. There are a few links in my Game Planning Resources post, but the best I have seen on the Internet are from a series of articles by Jeff Floyd who writes a blog called “You Can Do More.”

Jeff’s blog is definitely worth following, and his series on defensive game planning is very valuable information for a defensive coach. Jeff coached at the University of Central Missouri, William and Jewell, and the high school level. He really details every aspect of what goes into a defensive game plan and provides the tools necessary to work through the process. Here are the links to his series:

Defensive Game Planning – Geneology

Weekly Work Flow

Film Breakdown and Formation Analysis

The Ready List

The Play Grid

The Call Sheet

Game Procedures


I interviewed Jeff for an article on “Flipped Coaching” which will appear in next month’s American Football Monthly. His articles on this topic are worth reading.

1 thought on “Follow-up: Advice to young coaches taking on a (Defensive) Coordinator Role

  1. thanks for the kind words, Coach Grabowski….. FYI… just last week I visited a high school camp in the area, Liberty High School, led by head coach Chad Frigon. He is an avid follower of your blog, and has purchased your iBook for his entire offensive staff… technology can really make the world smaller!

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