Flipping the Classroom (Flipped Coaching)

Over this past off season I have studied a teaching method known as the flipped classroom. If you have read some of my posts about “On Edge Coaching” then you are familiar with some of this methodology. I interviewed the originator of the “flipped classroom” Jon Bergmann, as well as three other coaches who use this method for my August column in American Football Monthly. There will be an online supplement to this as well. It is definitely worth the read and will present some intriguing ideas for enhancing your coaching.

In the mean time I would like to point out a few blogs that are worth reading. I mentioned Jeff Floyd’s writing on this topic in his blog. He released a new article on flipped coaching today.

Jason Hahnstadt teaches at the same school as Bergmann. He writes a blog specifically on this topic. His blog is called “The Flipped Coach.” Jon Bergmann’s blog is “Flipped Learning.”

Technology allows us to do more as coaches. The challenge is to harness it in a way that makes learning for our players more effective and leads to success on the field. Flipped learning provides a method for using technology in coaching.

My iBook for the iPad presents content in a very dynamic way that hits multiple learning styles. Get it for your iPad here.


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