Trick Plays

As you are finalizing your offensive installation plans, you might want to add a few gadget plays to the install and begin repping them now. You might not use these until later in the season, but if you spend just a few practice reps each week working these, your players will perfect them and they will have a better chance for success when it’s time to use one.

Since they are something you installed early, you avoid any kind of psychological disadvantage that the players might get against a tougher opponent, like you are using tricks because that’s the only way to win this week. The tricks simply become another play in your arsenal.

Key Points for Using Tricks:
1. Know your opponent and what players on defense are quick to react to an initial key. Plan your attack here.
2. Decide when and where are the appropriate time to use these plays. Most of the time these plays are effective when the game is tight.
3. Set up the play to fit into what you do. Use looks and formations that are already part of your game plan. A formation the defense hasn’t seen sometimes causes them to play less aggressively and could be an indicator that you are doing something out of the ordinary.
4. Practice your plays but not too much. Give it a few team reps and over the week and that’s all. If there is a key mechanic involved with ball handling or a pass, let the players involved practice it separately.
5. Have fun! These plays are always fun when they work out and the players love to execute them.
Good luck with your season!

Read more and see video cut-ups of different gadget plays on American Football Monthly.

If you haven’t done so yet, get a copy of 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays. It’s something that you will use as a reference both in and out of season because it’s loaded with offensive ideas and strategies. Get it here.


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