A Process For Adding A Wrinkle

The full article with examples and video can be viewed on American Football Monthly.

As you progress through this season, there will be parts of your offense that you do very well and rely on. Defenses will gear up to stop those parts of your offense, and this will provide an opportunity to add some wrinkles that give you an advantage.

Points to remember when adding a wrinkle in-season:
1. Focus on what you do best. What personnel grouping and formation could give you an advantage in using a new look to run an effective component of your offense?
2. How do you keep it simple in adding this and what adjustment do you anticipate from your opponent? It may be best to focus on just that one play and any adjustments you will need to attack to implement this wrinkle.
3. What is the tendency after the first game of using this wrinkle? Was it effective? If so, what do you need to do next to break that tendency and bring some balance to this wrinkle? This should be your new addition for the next game.
4. Progress this way in adding to the package, and you will find that you have effectively added a full arsenal of your offensive concepts to this formation or personnel grouping over the course of a few weeks. The added dimension for what your opponent needs to spend time on to defend will be greater than the time you have used to install it. The time you spend in adding these wrinkles will be efficient and effective because at no single point in the process did you try to implement everything at once, and you progressed in a logical fashion.

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