Get vocal…teaching your players to be vocal leaders


I’m sure most of you have some great leaders by example that you can point out all of the time. The challenge is getting great vocal leadership from your team as well. In meetings with my players over the years, many of them would point out, “I’m kind of quiet, but I’m a leader by example.”

Unfortunately, in this game and in life, that is never enough. In order to be successful, a team must communicate. Most importantly, they must understand how to communicate with each other.

I decided to give them three simple ways to be more vocal and I posted a simple visual reminder. I presented it not as a way to be a leader, but as a way to be a great teammate. The three ways to be a great teammate are:
1. Recognize a teammate’s effort or performance. When your teammate does something well, speak up and show your appreciation because when your teammates do well it impacts you as a member.
2. Help a teammate improve. If a player sees his teammate do something incorrect, he should let him know what he saw and if he understands the proper way, he should coach him. Teammates need to serve each other.
3. Challenge a teammate to do his best. This can be before a rep or play. “Let’s go Joe, I know you’ve got this!” Or it can be after a play, “You’re better than that, Joe!” Or “You need to step up. I know you can give more.”

Always Positive…whatever message the player communicates to his teammate, it should be done in a positive way. As a coach you want to create a positive environment of communication.

Good luck developing your team as you continue through camp.

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