Levels of Commitment

Levels of team commitment

Levels of team commitment

The image above is another great tool and visual to help your team grasp the level of commitment needed for success.  Our tight ends coach, Pete Peterson shared this with us.  He was given this tool by a high school coach at Delaware Valley High School.  That coach adapted it from what he saw Al Golden present.

This is like the “Commitment Continuum” and “Leadership Ladder.”  It gives a visual representation to the players that the players can use as self evaluation, and it certainly is a great talking point with players on what the need to start doing to get themselves to the next level.

There are so many things that we do to build leadership and commitment in our programs.  I think the best ones are those that can help your players with tangible evidence based on their actions rather than by just what they say.  It’s easy for guys to act “rah-rah” but actions always speak louder than words. Action-based leadership is lasting and strong.

I included a Powerpoint file with this in case you would like to adapt it for use with your team.

Good luck in your preparations for the season!

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