Repetition, Retention and Understanding: Flash cards to train your players

The iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch with flash cards is a great tool to teach something as simple as the basics of your offense or something more complex like weekly coverage indicators for the quarterback.

With any technology you add as a coaching tool, you will want to get maximum efficiency; you want to spend little time in creating the material and get a big impact from the use of the technology.

A flashcard app called Chegg gives you exactly that. It allows you to import images. Taking a screenshot from Hudl or any other video on your iPad is easy, and then that image can be imported as one side of the flashcard with the other side giving the answer. Players can start the quiz and put the card in the correct pile or incorrect pile. When they get through all of the cards they get a percentage score of how many they got correct. They then have the option to start the quiz again or only complete a quiz on the wrong pile of cards.







Another app I tried and like is gFlash+. I liked this app as well. It gave me the ability to have multiple choice answers for each card. When choosing the multiple choice mode, it scores it for you as right or wrong. Like Chegg it provided feedback on the number correct. I really liked that you have the ability to email your stack of cards to other people. I see this as a great advantage. The email provides a link to the app store so they can download it to their iPhone or iPad. Now they can take a few minutes between classes, eating at the cafeteria, or walking to class to review what they need to know. The only thing I don’t like is that ad banners run across the top of the free version. Because of the ability to share the cards with players, this will be the app I use.








Mental Case 2 was third app I really liked because it had the ability to use video in the flashcard. The only problem is I’m not quite sure how to get hudl video into the iPad photo library without going through several steps. I just don’t feel that currently this would be an efficient use of time. I could see this as creating video flash cards for install, but during a game week I’m not sure if I’d have the time to go through those steps. This one gives many more options, but I would see this as a spring ball or camp install use only. This is an app that seems very powerful in aiding in the teaching of concepts and I plan to explore it more.

I like the first two apps because they are simple to use and the player mentally drilling with the flashcard is given instant feedback.

This is something I will definitely be using. Here are some uses I see for the flashcard apps:
Key terms in our offense
Learning of formations
Learning of run and pass concepts
Coverage indicators for our next opponent
Opponent personnel tips
Weekly front recognition for our offensive line
Blitz indicators for our next opponent
Quarterback checks/audibles
Key information from position tip sheets and game plan

I plan to give our players the game plan and tip sheet information as we normally do at the beginning of the week on Hudl. At the same time I plan to give them the stacks of cards via email. Now the players have the info and a study tool to check their progress on heir own throughout the week. At different intervals throughout the week I will use the Socrative app (for more on this app click here) to quiz them with the final quiz coming on Friday.

Repetition, recognition and understanding are the keys for success on the field. Having something like this for our players to come in and spend a few minutes between classes to review is a useful tool. What will only take a few minutes for me to create can enhance their learning and give them the knowledge they need to be successful on the field.

Pick up a great resource and reference for the 2013 season. 101 Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays for the iPad is loaded with video, diagrams, and ideas that are useful in any offense. Get it here:</a

Here are the links for the App Store:


Mental Case 2


2 thoughts on “Repetition, Retention and Understanding: Flash cards to train your players

  1. It’s gratifying to see that you’ve found gFlash+ useful both on and off the field! Thanks for the feedback and recommendation. I’d like to point out that the free version of gFlash+ allows paid upgrades to turn off the ads or access more advanced flashcard features. Have a great season!

    For more about all of our educational apps, visit us at

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