Thought for the day…Attitude must be married to Effort


The above sign is in our quarterback manual.  It’s something I originally saw in the Ball State team room when Brady Hoke was there as the head coach.These are valuable words because it puts the focus not just on a mindset , but action.

Blame no one. It starts with an internal focus.  When something doesn’t go right, it doesn’t start with placing blame, it should be a chance to reflect and understand what you can do better because you can always do something better.  Blame has no place in a team setting.  Blame for a team failure is something that needs to be shouldered together.  Placing blame on others, whether done by the coach or player, fractures the team concept.

Expect nothing.  As a player or coach you want to have a positive mindset that you will win.  However, don’t expect the other team to come in and lay down for you.  No matter how bad they are, they are going to fight.  Welcome the challenge of competition.  Don’t expect the calls to go your way.  Officials will make mistakes.  They may even have biases.  Don’t expect the ball to bounce the right way or the breaks of the game to go in your favor.  You need to keep working and put yourself in a position to deserve to win.

Do something.  Positive thoughts and words are a great start, but without action they are nothing.  Effort must always be married to attitude.  Without effort all the positive words ini the world are useless.  Work harder; work smarter; do whatever it takes to gain the advantage.  It’s all about taking actions every opportunity you have to improve.  It will build incrementally and propel you towards your goal.

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