iPad at practice is an invaluable coaching tool!

We utilized the iPad in practice today for the first time and our coaches and players loved the instant feedback. If you have and iPad and the Hudl app you will love it too.  Even without the Hudl app there are plenty of answers for video.  Wifi wasn’t necessary to use Hudl because you don’t need to upload to view the videos.

This was an idea I got from watching Nebraska.  If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is.

Our TE?FB coach used it to review inside run with his players.  They though it made a difference.  Our OL coach said, “I didn’t use to review every play, but when we needed it to correct something that happened on a blitz pick-up, we had it.” The players could see exactly what they needed to do if they faced that situation again.  The feedback was instantaneous.

I told our equipment manager I needed a tent with a flat screen set up as a viewing station.  He laughed at me, but it would be great to pull a group in between reps and view on a bigger screen…I’ll keep working on this one.

Even with the small screen of the iPad, players seeing what happen was great for their learning and understanding.

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Pick up a great resource and reference for the 2013 season. 101 Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays for the iPad is loaded with video, diagrams, and ideas that are useful in any offense.  Get it here:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/101+-pro-style-pistol-offense/id611588645?mt=11


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