Keep grinding, but interject fun

Camp is always a grind, and when it occurs simultaneously with the beginning of classes, there is always the danger of having an unfocused practice.  After a tough weekend of practices, our players were feeling the grind of camp.  The first day of classes has typically been a day where our practices haven’t been as crisp.  We decided to help combat that by adding some fun and pranking one of our sophomore quarterbacks.  We set him up by me pulling him out of a team meeting and while he was out explaining to the players what we would do in the first play of period 14.  We borrowed this one from UNC who did the same thing in their camp.  We involved all 160 members of our team.  The results are below.

Every now and then, we need to do something to lighten things up.  It might be in the week leading up to a big game when tensions are high.  It could be during the grind of preseason camp.  As a coach, you need to be cognizant of what your team needs.  This short interjection of some humor made practice fly, and we had the best first day of classes practice since I have been here.

Pete Carroll is the master of pranking his team.  Here is one involving Will Ferrell.

Even the usually serious and intense Bo Pellini pulled a prank on his team.

Good luck this season.  Have fun!


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