What football coaches can learn from a half time show

Our defensive coordinator, Jim Meyer shared a video in our staff meeting today of the Ohio State Marching Band performing their half time show. He was fired up because of what a team of human beings accomplished together. The precision of the band was truly amazing and I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Here is a video of the half time show:

I agreed that the performance was inspiring. I immediately wondered how they could do something like that and prepare a new show equally as amazing each week. This led me to do a little research, and I found that TBDBITL is leveraging technology in order to learn new music and perform a new show each week. The primary technology used is the iPad. The following article link and video explain how the iPad is used to help produce a new show in just ten hours of practice.


For about the last year I’ve been writing articles on the possible benefits of the iPad and technology in coaching football. We’ve incorporated some of this in the current season, but I feel we are only scratching the surface.

The OSU band is a prime example in how technology can help put together a precision human performance. What we do to teach our players precise plays and defenses can certainly be aided by technology as well. Of course, it does become more difficult when there is someone trying to take your head off while you are trying to be precise. None the less, technology certainly provides an advantage in coaching.

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