Power Read (Inverted Veer) Resources

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In August, I wrote an article on American Football Monthly on the power read play.  It’s a play that we started implementing in 2012, but we needed to learn more about it.  In the article I share what we knew in August about the Quarterback and Sweeper Mesh.  Read more here.

The power read play was very effective in every game in 2013.  We ran it 62 times for 429 yards (6.9 yd. avg.).  It was 60% efficient (runs of 4 yards or better) and we had 16 runs of 10 yards or more.

Here are some more resources on the Power Read/Inverted Veer play:

Smart Football – What is the Inverted Veer/Dash Read Play?:  The article provides the typical detailed explanation from Chris Brown on the inverted veer play.

The Urban Meyer Ohio State Offense: Stretching the Defense:  A very detailed explanation of Ohio State’s Inverted Veer and complimentary plays tracing back to his days at Florida.

Nebraska defeating Michigan’s Inverted Veer play:  Gives an explanation of why Michigan’s inverted veer play did not work against Nebraska.

University of Michigan Inverted Veer:  Counter point to the above article.  Here is a good explanation of what the inverted veer is and how the blocking scheme functions.  Also, the use of a fullback to help defeat gap exchange is illustrated and explained.

Inverted Veer-Comboing Two of the Best Plays into One:  Article diagrams the inverted veer against several fronts and has youtube video links.

Youtube Playlist of Power Read Plays:  The playlist includes 8 videos with 22 minutes of video clips including Ohio State, Auburn, New Mexico State, La Tech, and Nebraska.

Power O, Inverted Veer, and the FB Adjustment to Scrape Exchange:  This appears to be the same info as the Michigan post.

Inside the Clemson Offense: Inverted Veer/Dash:  Article on Clemson’s use of the inverted veer.  Includes diagrams and explanation of video clips of several other college team running the play.

Spread Offense- inverted veer/frontside read play:  Includes a brief explanation and video of Ohio State.

University of Nebraska:  Inside the Playbook: Multiple Ways to Option the Playside DE:  The article includes explanations of the traditional veer and the inverted veer.  Diagrams of variations like Inverted Veer Triple Option and Inverted Veer Bubble are included.

All 22: A Look at the 49er’s Inverted Veer Scheme:  The article provides a still shot explanation of the 49er’s play.

Will We See the Inverted Veer in the NFL?:  The article provides a brief look and some video clips of the inverted veer play.

Mississippi State use of Inverted Veer against Northwestern:  Provides a still shot explanation of the play in the 2013 Gator Bowl.

Insider’s Guide to the Zone Read Play:  This article explains the inside zone read, midline zone read and inverted veer (power read plays).  Diagrams and video of each type of read are provided.

Stopping the Ole Miss Inverted Veer:  A short explanation of how the Alabama gap exchange stopped Ole Miss.  There are some things Ole Miss could have done better in their execution to defeat a gap exchange. A link to the video clip of the gap exchange is included.

INVERTED VEER, CAROLINA PANTHERS-STYLE, PROVE THE READ OPTION ISN’T DEAD:  An explantion of Carolina’s inverted veer with video clips, still shots, and a great overhead view.

University of Michigan Inverted Veer Blocking:  Commentary and opinion on what the writer believes are problems with the blocking scheme.  Still shot illustrations and video clips are provided.

From the Far Hash: A Preseason Primer on the Veer and Inverted Veer: Diagrams and explanations of the basics of the inverted veer.

My interactive iBook, the first of its kind for football coaches, provides a detailed look at a pro-style downhill run game from the Pistol backfield set.  Look for another iBook to be release in late December or early January on the read game from the Pistol.  Get my first iBook here.


One thought on “Power Read (Inverted Veer) Resources

  1. Appreciate the link to my site. I saw it linked 2 of my articles (2 of the Michigan articles are the same, I wrote both of them) which I appreciate. So you’re not stuck reading the same thing in 2 locations, I’ll link a post which shows how Power blocking can be used within the spread offense.


    Anyway, cool site, I checked it out briefly and will be coming back to read up on more. Good stuff.

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