OSU vs. Michigan – Buckeye Offense Resources


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Growing up in Ohio, the Ohio State-Michigan game is always a big event.  I’ve only been to one of these games, but I picked a great one – the first “Game of the Century” when Ohio State was ranked #1 and Michigan was ranked #2 in 2006.  It was the best live sporting event that I have ever attended.  I don’t consider myself a big football “fan.”  I prefer to watch football on my own so I can rewind and watch a play multiple times without anyone complaining.  However, that day, the atmosphere was incredible and it was exciting to be a Buckeye fan.

I have been studying Ohio State’s offense over the past year, and I’ve accumulated some resources on the Buckeyes’ offense.  These links explain the philosophy and strategy behind the OSU offense.  Enjoy!

Last year’s game Ohio State on Offense:

OSU Base Run Game:  The Buckeyes are a multiple inside zone/gap scheme offense.  They blend traditional turn-and-hand-it-off with the read game using the same zone and gap schemes.

Urban Meyer Spread Offense Philosophy:  Includes some historical background on the spread offense, general spread offense philosophy, and Urban Meyer’s spread philosophy.

OSU Offensive Theory Pt. 1: This post discusses how the Bucks use numbers, match-ups, and conflicting the defensive end.

OSU Offensive Theory Part 2:  More discussion on Buck’s O theory – spreading the field, attacking the alley with screens, play action.

Creating DE Conflict:  Coach Hoover shares how the Gators under Urban Meyer conflicted the defensive end to gain an advantage.

How Meyer Installs Offense:  This article takes a look at how Meyer installs an offense based on his Days at Utah and BGSU.  The post has some great links to Chris Brown(Smart Football) materials.

BASH:  The backside sweep tag that Meyer has used in his offenses.

Gun Zone Read Option:  Chris Brown provides a detailed analysis and breakdown of the gun zone option including video and diagrams from Meyer’s Utah days.

Tom Hermann on stressing the defense:  Includes interview quotes from Hermann and an explanation of flash screens and bubble with inside zone.

Urban Meyer spread background:  Urban discusses his offensive background and philosophy.  Article has video and illustration of zone and counter plays.
OSU spread arithmetic:  Discussion of using numbers and spreading to run.
Ohio State tempo: Discussion of tempo.  Tom Hermann stated that the Buckeyes would use tempo to stress and control the defense.  This article provides an explanation and plenty of links on no huddle and tempo.  As does part 2.
OSU Zone Bubble:  the bubble as a constraint to the zone play
Plenty of links on Smart Football:  Chris Brown’s information on Urban Meyer’s offense.
Youtube Play list of UF plays:  Plays from Urban’s Gator days.
OSU pass offense Part1 & Part 2:  Passing game philosophy and route combinations are illustrated and discussed in detail
Eleven Warriors Website Offensive Breakdowns:
I’ve written several posts on Urban Meyer’s coaching method as well.  Learn more about “on edge coaching” here.
I also spotted some things that football coaches can learn from TBDBITL and how they learn with technology.

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